Holly & Andrew

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  • mikell nielsen - Two things in particular come to mind after viewing this album…your great use of empty space and the creative angles at which you shoot. It keeps things interesting and exciting because, typically we’re all either standing or sitting at a wedding and see things from the same perspective…but when you get down low, or high, and tell the story from a different angle it suddenly wakes my brain up and my interest is piqued. Also, I love that you included some of the quirky imperfect moments…always makes everything to real and relatable. Really beautiful work! Love it.ReplyCancel

  • Simon - Really intimate and expressive. You’ve come so far in your wedding photography. Loving the black and whites.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Turnbull - Wow – these have a brilliantly filmic quality to them.
    That first frame especially – wowzers. Love it.
    I love the richness and intensity of your processing.
    I’m a total sucker for black and white and it’s a real treat to see a selection that leans so heavily in that direction.ReplyCancel

  • Guy de Nooij - Great use of light and perspective. For me, the group portraits really stand out. By creating the space around each person and working with the depth of field it makes a very powerful image. The detail shots support the story. Very artistic!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah-dee impey - I’m really blown away by these images. I love the B&W, they’re so expressively strong and composed brilliantly. I love the diverse use of angles high/low and use of open space.ReplyCancel

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