my beautiful girl

The beautiful little lady featured here is my six-year-old daughter Skye. She is the one person in my life who I look forward to seeing more than any body else. Just seeing her or hearing her voice on the phone is enough to put a smile upon my face and I have to admit that she’s quite literally got me wrapped around her little finger. (I’m sure that she realises this.)

There’s something to be said for how your children can make you feel. Even in times when the proverbial chips are down, I can look at her and I know that as long as she is happy, really what else have I got to worry about? She’s quite a little character. If she’s not talking me into taking her bowling, pizza express or to another of her favourite places to go then she will usually be found beating me at every single board and card game under the sun. Uno, mouse trap, snakes and ladders, frustration, snap, hungry hippos the lot. You name it she can beat me at it. The white wash is complete and I have totally accepted that this is just something that I’m going to have to live with. I mean really…. I wouldn’t mind if I was giving her a chance but the fact is that I’m not. I’ve tried to catch her cheating but that’s just not the case. I should just give up trying and smile.





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