• Lissa anderson - I know trish so I wondered if they’re r any more pics as she has an innocent beauty when she smiles..u only see her teeth slightly in one pic but she sure is pwetty????ReplyCancel

    • colinclay79@gmail.com - Thank you lisa, Tricia will be getting a full collection of images from me today. I choose what I feel are my best shots to post on my blog 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Katie de Silva - Wow! Gorgeous photo shoot with a gorgeous gal! I love the urban look to it and the black and white tones are amazing 🙂 What a gorgeous model to photograph 😀 Your new lens looks amazingReplyCancel


_MG_9889-3This is an image that I had total forgotten about. (How This happened I have no idea) It was taken in the earlier part of 2015 whilst on a street photography day out with good friends and photographers Gary Lashmar & Pat Kelman around London’s Brick Lane. This has to be one of the first image that I took using a 24mm Tilt Shift Lens.

Exploring London With An iPhone.

Most people don’t have a need so therefore won’t have a Digital SLR camera in there arsenal. The professional, enthusiastic & amateur photographers among us that do have one (or more) will know all to well that carrying one of these around at all times in the anticipation of capturing the perfect photo opportunity that may present itself to us while on our travels just isn’t a practical thing to do. In modern times it’s a rare thing to encounter someone that doesn’t have an iPhone or similar such device on their possession, most of which have pretty decent little cameras built into them. Partner one of these up with one or more in phone image processing apps like VSCOcamSnapped or Mixtures to name but a few that are out there and anybody can have a cool, convenient and instant piece of photographic kit ready to go at their finger tips.

You can follow my iPhone photography as well as my other work on FacebookInstagramTwitter & Tumblr .

Holly & Andrew

  • mikell nielsen - Two things in particular come to mind after viewing this album…your great use of empty space and the creative angles at which you shoot. It keeps things interesting and exciting because, typically we’re all either standing or sitting at a wedding and see things from the same perspective…but when you get down low, or high, and tell the story from a different angle it suddenly wakes my brain up and my interest is piqued. Also, I love that you included some of the quirky imperfect moments…always makes everything to real and relatable. Really beautiful work! Love it.ReplyCancel

  • Simon - Really intimate and expressive. You’ve come so far in your wedding photography. Loving the black and whites.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Turnbull - Wow – these have a brilliantly filmic quality to them.
    That first frame especially – wowzers. Love it.
    I love the richness and intensity of your processing.
    I’m a total sucker for black and white and it’s a real treat to see a selection that leans so heavily in that direction.ReplyCancel

  • Guy de Nooij - Great use of light and perspective. For me, the group portraits really stand out. By creating the space around each person and working with the depth of field it makes a very powerful image. The detail shots support the story. Very artistic!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah-dee impey - I’m really blown away by these images. I love the B&W, they’re so expressively strong and composed brilliantly. I love the diverse use of angles high/low and use of open space.ReplyCancel

Something A Little More Personal From Me. My Day Out On The South Bank With My Favourite Little People. Love You All XxxxX


  • Beatrice Nurse - Hello!
    I love the life and natural feel of your family photographs and we, on Emma Dunns recommendation, would love to have ours done. We are a family of five; me Béatrice(mummy), Paul(daddy),Matthew 10, Oscar 7 and Livia 5.
    Kind regards,
    Béatrice NurseReplyCancel

  • Simone Lammie - We were recommended to you by Emma Dunn. We’re very interested in having a shoot. We’re a family of 4. Including husband , 9 year old and 10 month.ReplyCancel

  • Lydia Pevsner - I got your info from Emma Dunn on MGF I am a family of 3 myself husband and daughter of 14 months we are interested in having some photos done please! Thank you!ReplyCancel

The beautiful little lady featured here is my six-year-old daughter Skye. She is the one person in my life who I look forward to seeing more than any body else. Just seeing her or hearing her voice on the phone is enough to put a smile upon my face and I have to admit that she’s quite literally got me wrapped around her little finger. (I’m sure that she realises this.)

There’s something to be said for how your children can make you feel. Even in times when the proverbial chips are down, I can look at her and I know that as long as she is happy, really what else have I got to worry about? She’s quite a little character. If she’s not talking me into taking her bowling, pizza express or to another of her favourite places to go then she will usually be found beating me at every single board and card game under the sun. Uno, mouse trap, snakes and ladders, frustration, snap, hungry hippos the lot. You name it she can beat me at it. The white wash is complete and I have totally accepted that this is just something that I’m going to have to live with. I mean really…. I wouldn’t mind if I was giving her a chance but the fact is that I’m not. I’ve tried to catch her cheating but that’s just not the case. I should just give up trying and smile.







Kate & Steve’s wedding in London. A little tour of the city that started out in the Angel, moved on to the East End and finally ended up at a quirky venue that I never knew about in Clerkenwell called the J & A Café. The day was like a little trip down memory lane, traveling through places that I hadn’t been to for years, exchanging stories in the back of a London cab with the bride & groom, while at the same time meeting new people. It was a great day all round. After photographing the day I walked most of the way home from The city to where I live in South East London, playing the days events over in my mind. Thank you my friend and inspirational photographer Gary Lashmar who I was assisting on this wedding.


The wedding of Anna & Thom was quite simply an amazing experience. I photographed their wedding back in the summer of this year while alongside fellow wedding photographer and Gary Lashmar. The couple themselves were a pleasure to work with. For the whole day they was very cool about everything taking everything in there stride. Equally all of their guests were fantastic, whilst the day itself was for lack of a better word was perfect. This was the first time that I had photographed a wedding at Hill Place in Hampshire. The venue, scenery and surroundings are beautiful and I would love to shoot there again in the future. I can honestly say that I loved every second of the two days that I was there for and that I am very happy to be sharing this blog with you all.