Welcome & Thank you for your enquiry.

Im sure that you have a few questions that you would like to ask and this part of my website is designed to hopefully answer most of them. If you’ve made it to this page then I am going to assume that your wedding photography is extremely important to you and you are not just looking for somebody to to take traditional photographs of your wedding. I am self taught and I draw my inspiration from street photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson and Don McCullin. when I started out I had no desire to photography weddings as I viewed them to be traditional and of a set formulate that never appealed to me. I had this crazy idea to photography weddings using the influences of the masters of street photography and shoot them in a way that was was not main stream.

The way I photograph a wedding is the way I photograph everything and that is with a genuine and enquiring mind and a desire to create wedding photography as an art.

Now I do shoot some formal groups if that is required and we will have a lot of fun doing so, however; the real strength of my work is a blend of photojournalism and artistic portraits and for me to be able to create the kind of work you will see here on my blog it is important that I am afforded the trust to photograph it my way.