Lou & Rob collection-1048I was born and raised in the corner of South East London where I still live to this day with my beautiful daughter Skye. Photography is so much more than the way that I earn my living. To me it’s an art, a passionate obsession and a way of life.

Capturing slices of light or moments in time and then having the ability to share this moment to the world is something that fascinates me. As someone once said to me “it is akin to magic”.

It’s not very often that I can be found without a camera of some description upon me and the fact that I live so close to the center of London means that there is always an abundance of opportunities to get out and engage in my favorite past time – STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. This is by far the most influential form of photography that I look at.

There’s something about the element of the unknown that comes with taking photos of total strangers that is a major part of what pushes me in my work and makes me grow as a photographer. If you’re not familiar with the works of photographers such as Don McCullen in the 1960’s and Henri Cartier Bresson then I would suggest taking a look, as it is truly inspirational stuff. I also love the works of  people like David Bailey, Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, and Joe Cornish to name just a few. All of these Photographers I consider to be some of the all time greats.

The way that I photograph a wedding is with out a doubt influenced by the styles & work of these masters. My approach is very non intrusive and I shoot the day as it unfolds in front of me. No preconceptions as to what is going to happen and as if I have never photographed a wedding before. By approaching a wedding in this way it allows me to be totally present in the moment, Akin to the curiosity of a child’s mind. Your wedding day will never happen again so I invite all of the couples that I work with to go for it! To create something that is timeless, cool & beyond any thing that you though possible.