The Street Photography Chronicles Of London Wedding Photographer Colin Clay, December 2015, iPhone Photography

Exploring London With An iPhone.

Most people don’t have a need so therefore won’t have a Digital SLR camera in there arsenal. The professional, enthusiastic & amateur photographers among us that do have one (or more) will know all to well that carrying one of these around at all times in the anticipation of capturing the perfect photo opportunity that may present itself to us while on our travels just isn’t a practical thing to do. In modern times it’s a rare thing to encounter someone that doesn’t have an iPhone or similar such device on their possession, most of which have pretty decent little cameras built into them. Partner one of these up with one or more in phone image processing apps like VSCOcamSnapped or Mixtures to name but a few that are out there and anybody can have a cool, convenient and instant piece of photographic kit ready to go at their finger tips.

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